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  • Industrial vacuum cleaner

    Industrial vacuum cleaner

  • Curtains


  • Commercial vacuum cleaner

    Commercial vacuum cleaner

  • Car esthetics workstation

    Car esthetics workstation

  • Serial vacuum cleaners

    Serial vacuum cleaners

  • Swivel arm

    Swivel arm

  • Lance on ceiling swivel arm

    Lance on ceiling swivel arm

  • High temperature lance

    High temperature lance

  • Hose reel

    Hose reel


, équipement de lave-auto

Vacuum cleaners commercial and industrial

High pressure washers.
Vaccuum cleaners (commercial and industrial).

Equipment and parts sale and installation.

  • Car esthetics room
    • Equipement and parts
  • Cleaning equipment
    • Car wash
    • Car dealears
    • Agriculture
    • Farm
    • Food
    • Forest industry
    • Construction fields
    • All type of industries
    • Garages
    • Workshop
  • Workshop equipment
  • Design and installation as per your requirements.